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17/04/2003 00:48:12   Jonathan   I'm on the hunt for an expert V4 gearbox tech who can rebuild a unit better than new.

Here's the long sad story. 11 years ago a gentleman from the Phoenix AZ area did a rebuild on a gearbox for me using heavy duty bearings and other fancy stuff. It cost a couple bucks but it was worth it. That gearbox went through 4 cars and 11 years of abuse. It ran in ice races, autocross and regular back road mistreatment. Sadly though this winter was the last straw for my lucky gearbox as it finally met it's match. Even more sadly, I learned that the magician who built the unbreakable gearbox has since passed away.

So now begins the search for a new Saab god who can turn a V4's weakest link into it's strongest asset. I know most of the usual suspects in V4 world (Jack, Jack and Chip) but this time Iím looking for someone else. Perhaps one of you know of a conjurer for which I search. Perhaps he (or she) doesnít exist any more, perhaps they do. I'm in the US but I'm willing to ship anywhere to get to the right builder.
Any suggestions?
17/04/2003 09:00:09   Alec   The answer in the UK is Chris Partington, can't currently find his address details but will keep looking - anyone else got them?  
17/04/2003 22:40:42   louis   I got a recon 'box from the Saab Sanctuary, I need also to find the address. I even had a warranty!  

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