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02/03/2006 21:19:46   Julian   I need to replace the 2 small retaining springs fitted over the universal joints (under the rubber boots) on the gear linkage. Mine have both snapped in the same place, and presume this must be a common fault. Has anyone any idea if new ones are available anywhere please?  
03/03/2006 00:26:01   John Wood (Woody)   There have been some listed on ebay during the last months, though I cannot remember what they went for.  
04/03/2006 17:21:10   julian   If someone can supply me with a decent spring, I will look into getting a batch of new ones made up. They are proving hard to find anywhere.  
05/03/2006 22:10:48   Julian   Thanks John for the info'. I got myself 2 sets of new ones.
06/03/2006 13:40:02   jake   I read that someone replaced the linkage with the universal steering joint from a suzuki jeep steering column and it took up all the slack in the gear change so if no srings available then that could be an alternative?  
06/03/2006 17:54:25   Alex   Some model shops sell steel wire in various thicknesses that can be bent into various shapes. By the look of it these springs shouldn't be too difficult to bend yourself if you can get the wire  
06/03/2006 21:56:00   Julian   Thanks Jake. I will look into that one when I do the next car.  

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