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08/03/2006 08:26:14   Alec   Hi all

You are right, it is getting very annoying, I did put some code in place to stop it which worked for a while but they now seem to have got around it.

I am considering what is the best option to get round this, that may be using another version of the forum or usernames/passwords.

It's all a matter of time but watch this space....  
09/03/2006 11:22:12   Alex   Shall we all start bombarding them with emails and tell them to piss off?  
09/03/2006 13:25:17   ian b   Yes, hit them with lots of emails about gromits and head gaskets,and if thats not dirty enough give them some sump oil !
still, at least they're not trying to flog us woven backed driving gloves.  
09/03/2006 18:45:09   John Wood ( Woody)   But Stig used to use woven-backed driving gloves. They were a SS&R item.  
09/03/2006 22:37:25   ian b   I was just looking through the ss&r catalogue actualy and there are some choice 70's outfits!  

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