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09/03/2006 11:10:46   tom   I've got a problem with my speedo, it doesn't seem to work! l've changed the cable and the unit that it screws to on the gearbox. Checked the speedo unit which seems to work fine. The gearbox is good (free wheel works). Could it be something inside the box? It all worked fine until l recently swapped the gearbox. Any pointers please, the cars got its MOT in a few days.
09/03/2006 11:25:56   Alex   It could be that the gearwheel in the box is loose. In that case you do have a problem. Take the cable out of the speedo and drive a short distance. If the inner cable doesn't rotate you either are "lucky" that the cable is broken or it is a loose gearwheel. In the latter case the box has to come out and must be opened.  
09/03/2006 13:23:48   Ken   If cable & speedo head are ok, most likely cause is the nylon drive on the pinion shaft within the box has melted, usualy due to overfilling of transmission oil.Unfortunatley this means transmission strip and rebuild. It may be possible due to the size of your finger and being double jointed to remove the gearbox speedo drive and feel inside to see whether you can feel the nylon worm drive. Gearbox should have 1.7 litres of gear oil only.  
12/03/2006 10:16:59   David   I visited Chip Lamb at his West of Sweden Saab home in Richmond, Va, a few weeks ago. He has a veritable gold mine of new spares and useful advice based on his and his father's experience. Bought a lot of stuff, including a complete set of rubber bushes for the V4, and one of his snazzy gearbox dipsticks (laser-cut ss). Should be able to make sure that the gearbox is filled to the right level, now!!  

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