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09/03/2006 17:51:28   Senor Burt   Lots of V4 parts listed. But do they actually stock any?  
09/03/2006 20:54:40   Julian   I need a set of brake shoes, so I will let you know.  
10/03/2006 12:34:10   Julian   Senor Burt. Quote from performance centre. "Thanks for your email, we do not keep these parts on the shelf but should be able to supply direct from our suppliers to you".

11/03/2006 08:28:09   Curtis Muir   Julian just to help you on the brake shoes. Try Past parts at o1284 750729 . I have been trying to locate a clutch slave cylinder seal kit. Did at 4.70 couldn't believe my luck. However the staff confirmed in conversation they had a set of brake shoes, That was on Wednesday so they should still have them. I would expect them to be very reasonable. My local factor Pentaland Component parts new that this company apparently travels the country buying old stock, from factors and garages. best of luck Curtis  

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