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13/03/2006 19:21:16   Les   Thanks to those who provided info on this one. The idea was to fit a Mountney wheel to my '76 V4. Old wheel eventually came off a treat, no whacking with large hammer, undo the nut and pull off. However, Mountney had provided a copper contact disc for a fixed contact on the column, NO, works the other way round on later cars, ie spring loaded contact on the wheel boss. The very helpful guys asked me to send the boss back, they drilled it out and fitted the SAAB contact for me....... old fashioned service....remember that?. I have to say that virtually all companies and individuals I have come into contact with whilst getting her back on the road have been brilliant....must be a SAAB thing.  
13/03/2006 20:59:59   john wyatt   Funny that but just last week I heard from a guy who has been doing his 96 up he was saying he was amazed at how helpful other SAABers have been  
14/03/2006 00:03:57   Al   Like old Clarkson says, Saab drivers are the nicest people you'll ever meet :o)  

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