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16/03/2006 07:39:20   Richard   If you wish to come along with your old Saab contact Dave Barrow. We have the twisty tarmac test track for the full day, cost is around 60. If you want to watch just turn up on the day.  
16/03/2006 17:37:57   john wyatt   Where is Blyton Richard?  
17/03/2006 07:42:25   Richard   Its near Gainsborough  
17/03/2006 12:44:15   mel   Thanks for the email Richard, If we get the 16v 96 ready we will be there.  
20/03/2006 07:49:50   Richard   Dave has said you can claim 20 worth of sponsorship if you are a SOC member, so its only going to cost approx 38!!!! You will get more track time than a normal track day, with only 6 cars on at once!  
21/03/2006 16:18:01   Senor Burt   What's the track like? Hard on tyres? Is it a proper track or a load of cones on a airfield?

Sounds like a bargain though. All I need now is a running pre '80 SAAB.......  
21/03/2006 16:46:40   Richard   Its the tarmac part of the rallycross track with some areas marked out with small tyres (to stop you going on to the gravel sections). Its not that abrasive and has curbed corners, its a bit bumpy in places compaired to a race track. If you google 'Rally drive' there is probably a video clip of a lap. Its all twisty stuff, but the corners are all different and well layed out. What else, its 1.25 mile per lap.  
22/03/2006 11:31:51   Senor Burt   I did manage to find a video. It does look at little rough and ready! I'm sure it's fun though!  
23/03/2006 07:49:45   Richard   Its like driving on a country lane, bump wise, unless you start hooking the front wheel behind the curbs.  

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