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22/03/2006 08:21:12   jake   has anyone ever converted a 96 into a rag top or a 95 into a pickup/ute or anything else that is interesting i recall a couple of very tasty lowered and modified street 96 saloons e g reccesed front indicators choped roofs flushed off door handels etc  
22/03/2006 09:55:39   Al   I've seen a few chopped 96s. A bunch of guys from the old Saab Midlands Autoclub built a 2-seater open top 96 in the 70s/80s, it was quite well known for a while. There was also a purple chopped & dropped 96 doing the rounds of custom shows about 10-20 years ago but not seen or heard of it for a long while. There's probably a few pics of it on the Net ... somewhere!  
22/03/2006 11:05:29   john wyatt   I always fancied a 95 with the rear windows taken out and made into a van, went to see a bad attempt at a convertible 96 for sale in Livingston a few years back  
22/03/2006 11:30:56   Senor Burt   I've seen a 95 pickup mod and several convertible 96's. SAAB did make some 95 vans.

My 95 should be vaguely interesting if I ever get round to finishing it.  
22/03/2006 13:17:43   Mel   The two seater built in the 70/80s belongs to Keith Squire and was done by him and Don Heath. Keith still has the car and is planning to resurrect it next year, with new bodywork and a wankel engine! watch this space.  
22/03/2006 22:11:25   David   AFAIK, Tony P in Yeovil still has his lovely Indiana Yellow 96 'vert that he did himself. Beautifully trimmed out in cream leather (local trimmers) and still a 4-seater. Doesn't take it out much as he still hasn't been able to find anyone to make him a full hood (frame and fabric) for it! Trying to persuade him to bring it along to one of the local SW shows this year.  

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