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23/04/2003 17:50:38   ryan   Dear all,
i've just bought a mota lita wheel for my 72 saab 96. the boss is an F16A which i beleive is correct for the car. however, i've had to shave almost 1cm from the steering column collar for the boss to fit corectly and now the rim is too close to the wiper stalk. is there some better way of doing this ? also the horn connections don't match (both have a 'male' connector).
many thanks,
28/04/2003 12:10:10   Senor Burt   Doesn't sound right really does it? I have a Mountney boss on my V4. It fits perfectly and the horn connection is correct. It brings the wheel quite a bit closer to the driver. Maybe you should check if it really is the correct boss.  
28/04/2003 22:00:30   ian   According to an old Moto-Lita brochure that I've got floating around, the correct boss for a '72 V4 is a F16AH (the 'H' signifying that it has a 'Horn Control'). Perhaps Ryan's boss has been previously modified?  
09/05/2003 12:49:30   ryan   dear all,
i've solved the problem. my wheel was correct. the problem was that the column had 'colapsed' a little so the wheel was around one inch too far down. i simply knocked it back to the correct position.

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