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22/03/2006 17:12:42   James Ayres   Hello all. I am thinking of selling my beloved 96 v4. As you may remember the crankshaft bearing went at the end of last year. Over all it's in good condition, if I were to keep it Id give it a re-spray. The interior, seats and carpets are top notch with no rips or tears. It can be viewed in the gallery on this site. It only has 56k miles. New tyres, ss Exhaust, brakes, everything works even the heated front seat! The only modern addition is electronic ignition. I want to sell it to an enthusiast. So the advice I'm seeking is what sort of price would it command? Thanks.  
22/03/2006 18:20:41   john wyatt   Hi James, I believe V4's are seriously undervalued even though your one sounds like a really nice car I doubt you will exceed 1000 with the engine problem, and that is allowing for fairly tidy bodywork, I have seen some cars advertised for 3-6000 but I doubt they ever sell good ones seem to rarely break 2500 unless they are something very special.  
18/06/2006 01:00:15   Sam   I too have decided to sell my Saab 96 V4 special car. No rust,solid 110%,Full Service History. This car will easily last another 30 years if you look after it as this one has been looked after. If anyone wants to buy my Saab please contact me on 020 7226 7030 or and E-Mail me. Thanks, All the best. Sam.  
18/06/2006 01:06:03   Sam   Also have many spare parts,for sale. If any Saab Owners interested,then Contact me as I have many parts to many to list. All guaranteed. Including original wing mirrors,whell hub covers,original seats,lights, lenses,windscreens,windows,wheels,crome bumpers, you name it but limited quantity. Thanks Again, Sam.  
18/06/2006 10:25:28   John Wood (Woody)   James, Have you investigated the crankshaft bearing? How bad is it?
18/06/2006 20:54:29   James Ayres   Knackered is the only word for it. I have decided to get a good replacement engine. I do not have time right now as I am busy with a 100+1 other things (which is why I was thinking of selling) but I will in time be posting looking for an engine and further advice.  

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