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24/03/2006 14:47:50   Simon   Does anyone know the weight a Saab 95 can tow safely? - I want to hire a trailer, but a 16ft trailer weighs in at 3/4 ton and by the time you stick a car on that, it will be at least 1.5 tons - is that too much?  
24/03/2006 16:06:38   Alec   Officially I am sure it is something like 85% of the car's weight, so that would be well over.

Unofficially I have done similar with a 96 which although was a little slow and unsteady I did manage to pull it around.  
24/03/2006 17:00:54   Simon   I'm only towing a fiat 500, so I reckon a solid towing bar between my 'modern' car and the little fiat at the other end (with my able assistant/girlfriend in the driving seat) - SHOULD do the trick. Hopefully.  

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