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25/03/2006 20:14:48   Les   Hi, Anyone out there got a supply of the small rubber bumpons (for want of a better description).....They fit into holes on top of the front panel to stop the bonnet rattling......Thanks Les.  
25/03/2006 20:18:12   Alex   If memory serves me right the Swedish Saab Club have them for sale.  
26/03/2006 12:17:19   Les   Thanks Alex, will give that a go  
29/03/2006 07:32:21   bill   There are some on ebay at the moment. item 4626071063 or put 'saab bonnet rubbers' into the search. I'm not the person selling, just thought I'd let you know they are there.  
29/03/2006 13:34:41   Les   Hi Bill, Thanks for that, spotted them already, Cheers Les  
03/04/2006 19:11:18   Les   For future info, these items are out of stock at the Swedish SAAB Club.
However, won a set on ebay !!!!!!!  

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