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28/03/2006 08:07:44   Ivo de Vocht   Hi,

I am having trouble with the cooling fan at the front of the engine. The pin which it sits on has become worn and the fan wobbles and falls off regularly, taking the rest of the belt with it.

I was confused when I found that the fan is only held on the pin by friction alone; I would have thought it would be bolted on? What I want to know is if there is any way to remove the pin and replace it with a new one? Or could I do something to the existing pin to make the fan sit tightly without falling off?

28/03/2006 11:16:30   Alex   Maybe you can bash it out with a big hammer but I would prefer using a press.  
28/03/2006 11:27:59   Senor Burt   I had this problem and ended up welding it on.It came off again after a while though. Fitting a new pin is no guarantee that the fan will stay on. The danger is that when the fan comes off, it can punch a hole in the radiator, which you can do without. You will also have to take the engine front cover off to replace the pin and bearing.

A long term solution is to fit a shorter fanbelt, bypassing the fan pulley and fit an electric fan as demonstrated on the 'Articles' page.  
30/03/2006 05:49:23   Ivo de Vocht   Hi all,

Thanks for your help. Unfortunately an electric fan is out of my budget and mechanical experience. However, I have been talking to a fellow enthusiast and he mentioned that he has a spare pin and the square plate to which the fan is bolted to. So I will give it a go with the new pin and will report back with my findings.

30/03/2006 10:23:33   Senor Burt   It's probably easier and quicker to fit an electric fan than replace the fan pin. A new fan will probably cost around 50. Or you could get one from another car from a junk yard.

If you do fit a new pin, get one that the plate is already securely attached to.  
31/03/2006 05:04:49   chrisP   Hi
The pin is the centre of the fan bearing and comes as part of a new bearing you have to press the square plate on to it when fitting new bearing. Is it too far gone for Locktight to work  
11/04/2006 05:32:55   Ivo de Vocht   Hi Chris,

Yes, I tried using locktight which worked for a month or so, it came off so I decided to go for something a little more permanent. The status report now is that I have removed the front plate with the pin attached and have given it and the square plate to an engineer to see if he can work some magic and fabricate something to fix it on the pin. I'll do a post later on with how the engineer managed to fix it.

Thanks again  
14/04/2006 16:12:29   John Wood ( "Woody")   I would be inclined to think that the square plate has worn more than the pin. Never experienced one to go that bad. The bearing assembly which comprises the pin is made by SKF bearings p/no. 393758AB. I last bought one in 1985, but do not recollect how much it was.
15/04/2006 14:12:55   Rob   what size belt can be used to eliminate the drive onto the fan - i have an electric fan on the sonett but the bearing is noisy so i would like to get rid of it!
20/04/2006 17:37:20   Al   975mm belt without the fan.  

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