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28/03/2006 12:58:27   julian   I would like some advice on the generally accepted limits of backlash on the balance shaft fibre gear please. Mine has between 1 and 1.5mm after covering just 80,000 miles.
I am loathed to rebuild my engine without fitting a better fibre gear, or at least with the assurance that this gear is not going to be the weak link in an otherwise strong engine.  
28/03/2006 13:27:50   Senor Burt   New steel gears are available from the Swedish Owner's club. Slightly noisier, but a worthwhile upgrade to a weak point of the V4.  
28/03/2006 19:42:54   John Wood ( Woody)   Side play or backlash of balanceshaft and camshaft gears is 0.40mm or 0.0157 in. This side play is equivalent to 0.022 in or 0.56mm on the outside diameter of the balance shaft pulley. Therefore your sideplay is quite excessive. It is something which is difficult to assess with feeler gauges and is best done with a dial gauge.
For a new set of gears the backlash is 0.05-0.20mm for Cam gear and 0.05 to 0.14mm for the balanceshaft gear.  
31/03/2006 23:56:55   Julian   Thanks John, Looks like mine is a gonner. Have to say though I never noticed any excess vibration whilst the engine was running. So now I am on the lookout for a fibre gear.  

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