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28/03/2006 13:42:01   Ken   Our 1973 96 has recently started to occassionally loose 'drive' ie. driving along, 4th gear, even throttle, acts like it is in neutral - if you dip the clutch the drive returns. It feels like the freewheel is perhaps kicking in. If the freewheel is on the transition is fairly smooth, if it is not, there is a real jolt when the drive goes.
Does anyone have any clues?  
28/03/2006 16:05:49   Senor Burt   Could be the freewheel on it's way out.  
28/03/2006 17:50:13   Alec   Often the plastic arm on the top of the gearbox wears and allowsthe freewheel actuator to move and give the problems you describe  
29/03/2006 00:47:21   Al   Sounds like a duff freewheel to me :o(, but check the actuator first as Alec suggests  

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