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02/04/2006 00:50:34   Max   Hi fellows.
I got my engine re-installed today but I do not remember the correct gap needed between hall effect sensor and rotating magnet of a pertronix ignitor unit. This unit converts old points type ignitions to electronic system.
Does anyone know this??
There has been included a plastigauge - but I lost it, s..t!

Thanks and have a good night.

03/04/2006 12:46:40   Alex   By heart it is 0,8mm. I'll try to check it this evening.  
05/04/2006 19:51:19   Alex   A bit later than promised, but it is 0,8mm. However, there is an issue about the dwell angle. When I installed mine I took the distance down to 0,7mm in order to get the dwell angle at the needed 50. We had a discussion here at a local bb last year about Pertronix and dwell angle and it was found somewhere on a website that the dwell angle is fixed within the sensor and that the distance between the sensor and the magnet ring does not make a difference. Other people's experience countered my findings that it did make a difference, so when you install see if you get it right and if altering the distance of 0,8mm makes a difference in the dwell angle.

Have fun,


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