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03/04/2006 20:16:35   Curtis   Hi,

would appreciate some advice on the following.

One week ago 3 minutes from home my Saab 96V4 badly overheated. Various checks on the car resulted in me discovering that the small timing gear for the alternator and water pump had stripped itself. This would appear to have been the cause of the car overheating. Compression check ok so the heads appear to be intact.(thank goodness for iron cylinder heads)
Problem is I'm supposed to be taking the car to Norway/Sweden in 3 weeks.
My initial thought would be to get the engine out remove the sump and clear it of debris from the gear stripping , especially around the intake pipe with the wire mesh. Is it likely that some debris will have got through the mesh and possibly block some oil galleries. I know our engines are tough but this seems to be pushing it! Does the engine really needs a full rebuild? . I have other transport for the trip but the whole point was to take the Saab and get some 'bloody ' metal timing gear whilst I'm over there.

All comments appreciated , somebody else out there must've had this happen to them.


03/04/2006 22:32:19   Senor Burrt   Bits can clog the oilways. I had this problem when a cam gear stripped and was losing oil pressure. I drained the oil and blasted the sump out with an airline with the engine still in and the sump in place. This seemed to sort it and it ran OK after that.

It's easier to replace the gears with the engine out as the balance shaft gear doesn't clear the sump. The balance shaft bearings going may have been the cause of the gear stripping, so it's usually best to replace them too. Rolf Jensen will ship a set of gears to you, but only takes cash by post really.  
04/04/2006 12:33:32   julian   Just spoke to highgate this morning and "they should have some fibre gears in within ten days".  
04/04/2006 19:24:41   Curtis   Thanks Senor Burrt , Julian,

I have spare timing gear, albeit fibre ones, my main concern was this. I will probably remove the engine this Saturday, and remove the sump, and check the wire mesh, but that all this work could be a waste of time with perhaps clogged galleries elsewhere. Senor Burrt seems to confirm that it should all be ok.

Senor Burrt was the engine ok for long after this or did you eventually rebuild.

I have chased up metal timing gear from a Ford specialist in V6 Essex and 2.8 Cologne engines who has metal timing gear . but they seem to need different collars made up for the crankshaft gear.
I tried sending e-mails to Rolf , especially with the upcoming visit, as I would pick up any parts but have never had any replies to my mail.

I didn't think I had any play in the balance shaft and just thought that fibre fatigue was the reason.

I asked Highgate a few weeks ago if they had any sets but was told it may be sometime before they get some.

Mel if you read this I'll buy a set when you have them.

Thanks for your advice guys


05/04/2006 08:31:11   Mel   We have been promised some steel timing gear sets. We will post arrival date as we get it.  
05/04/2006 10:47:58   Senor Burt   If there are bits in the sump then they will either be caught by the oil pump mesh or the oil filter. That's what they're there for.

I've had a few balance shaft gears go and never had much problem after replacing it.

I can't see V6 gears being any good as they didn't have a balance shaft.  
05/04/2006 16:50:19   Richard   Clean the oil pump mesh and take the pump apart and make sure its clean inside. Fit a new oil filter.  
06/04/2006 10:31:23   Al   I did my last one in a London side street with engine in situ, just drained the oil, removed grille & rad, removed front cover, removed all sump bolts except the very rear, bent sump down with jack handle, fished out what bits I could get from the sump using fingers & one of those bendy telescopic grabber things, swapped the cog, refitted sump & front cover with lashings of instant gasket, fresh oil & filter and it ran fine for many months & thousands of miles after.

It did leak a bit of oil but nothing too horrendous. Far better to do it right though...but this was my daily driver and I had no facilities at the time.  
09/04/2006 17:11:11   Curtis   Thanks for all the comments. Got the engine out yesterday, found all the debris in the sump as all said.

just to make sure all was ok, took off the oil intake pipe and cleaned with spirit/parrafin. Also checked and compared the balance shaft with a spare engine I have, (the one I've removed the replacement gear from) and have no play on my engine balance shaft, though the spare engine will need a replacement bearing. Don't foresee any problems , so thanks to all for their comments.


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