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03/04/2006 23:46:00   Tom   Hi again, i have been measuring up my zetec 1.8 litre engine. it will fit in the engine bay ok (just about)however one of the probs that i may have is the front cross member that is below the raditor may foul on the sump or block. if this happens can i cut the member to make clearance? is it a structural area? if so could i make up for it by strengthing the metalwork further to the front of the car? i will not know for sure til i try to fit the engine in the car, that is some way off! am just trying to predict the worse case! hope someone can help!  
05/04/2006 16:54:44   Richard   Box in the front of the valance from wing to wing, maybe use some box section the extend the engine mount rails to that. You then should be able to remove the material and probably have a stronger than std valance. The std one crumples (which it might have been designed to do) we run a beefed up version and that performs well in frontal impacts!!!  
05/04/2006 18:37:45   Tom   that sounds like a good plan, do u have any pics of what u have done to front of the car to beef it up? am trying to picture what to do! many thanks  

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