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05/04/2006 16:36:02   Max   Hi I got a lot of trouble with my V4 the last time...I'm desperate and about to sell the car.

In winter I had too little antifreezer in the cooling water. When starting the engine after the cold days I had a heavy loss of cooling water, it proved out to be the cylinderhead gasket as my engine was covered entirely with a "mud" from the interior.

I cleaned the engine and put all gaskets new.

Now I have a loss of power and overheating problems. The cooler starts sparkling out after 10 minutes drive.

For test reasons I installed my standard heads - the same problem.
After this I had my tuned heads (10:1 comp. ratio) checked for cracks...they're OK.

What else can be the fault in my engine? waterpump or has anyone ever had a crack in a V4 block??!

Thank you for your help.
Max from Germany  
05/04/2006 16:46:37   Richard   Did you clean the 'mud' out of all the wayer ways?
Try a different radiator.
Check the water pump.
check the thermostat in a old pan of water on the cooker.
Have the expansion bottle checked for exhaust gasses at a garage.
What head gaskets did you use?  
05/04/2006 18:47:39   Max   Hi Rich.
- I cleaned the engine very thorughly
- Std. head gaskets used, them are enough for 10.5:1 comp ratio
- Thermostat is OK
- Waterpump is working; for security I install a new (better: good used one) tomorrow
- I didn't check the CO-level in the expansion bottle yet

Has anyone ever heard of cracks in V4 blocks??
Some people here want to make me believe the only reason is some kind of crack...

Regards and thanks.
05/04/2006 20:15:34   Alex   If the water has really been frozen inside the engine a crack can't be excluded, though I never heard of it. You had the heads checked for cracks but did you also have them milled again (hello you native English speakers, is this the correct technical term for having the mating surfaces machined so that they are perfectly flat again?). If that has not been done and the heads are warped you'll never stop having leakage.

If the problem persists don't sell the car, buy yourself another engine. Ford V4's are up for auction on Ebay Deutschland on a regular basis, quite often 1700-versions and looking in ready-to-install state.  
05/04/2006 23:24:57   Max   The heads haven't been grinded again.
But I used my spare heads as a test-utility, the same problems occured with them.
Of course I do not know if these heads are in good order, but I think so...
I'm gonna install a new water pump and take out thermostat tomorrow and then tell you more about this. So keep on looking inside the forum!

If anyone's V4 has ever been frozen please tell me about the consequences!

Best wishes from a really sad and depaired Saab-owner.

06/04/2006 10:37:37   Al   Sounds to me like either rad is blocked (try flushing or a recore) or water pump isn't shifting enough coolant around. Compression test would tell if heads not flat.  
06/04/2006 20:22:48   John Wood ( Woody)   Many years ago my anti-freeze mix was a little weak and the water partially froze inside the engine or at least the water pump. I tried to start the car and the fan belt which happened to be slightly slack was moving around the pump pulley. Poured hot water on the housing and after a few minutes it was fine. Never had a block crack, nor cylinder head problems. Are you sure you are filling the system completely and bleeding the heater housing?
Yes Alex that is the correct technical term. Do they sell steel balance-shaft gears on Ebay deutschland?  
07/04/2006 21:36:50   Alex   John,
Thank you for confirming I used the correct technical term. Unfortunately no steel balance-shaft gears on Ebay Deutschland. The only sets you for auction are for the V6 engines and they are without that gear. Max, I don't know how close you live to the Dutch border, but I saw two engines for sale in adverts. If you don't live too far away I could investigate if they are still around. Asking price for one of these was 200,-.  
08/04/2006 12:10:46   Max   Hey Alex.
Unfortunately I live too far away from the dutch border. I live in southern Germany; in Karlsruhe.
But thank you!
I installed new waterpump and took out thermostat, this led to a little improvement but the bubbles are still coming out of the expansion bottle.
I think I'm gonna take off the heads again and check the cylinders thoroughly or apply a special "crack-search paint" to them.
Before I will grind the heads, so they are completely flat again.
Well let's see what happens. Maybe I'm the first one to have a crack in the block worldwide!
It's so sad, as my other Saab (a 1985 900i also isn't running; here: brake saddles and reverse are out of function). There's a lot to do.

Best wishes to you all.
15/04/2006 14:24:59   gerald   Hallo Max !

Any news about your 96 ?

16/04/2006 15:31:04   Max   ...No nothing new yet. I had no free time to work on it.
I'm gonna check all cylinders for cracks and have to buy a new engine (1.7l) probably. I post all news here.

07/08/2006 22:59:53   Max   Everything is good again now as I got a new engine.
Thread closed.

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