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12/04/2006 14:19:23   tom   hi, i currently have my engine out of the saab, it seems a good time to replace the clutch release bearing, i have tried to track one down with no success. does anyone know where i can get one?  
13/04/2006 13:00:27   Derek   If you're really desparate there's one on US eBay #8055367610
Good Luck.  
13/04/2006 19:20:09   Tom   yeah i saw that, but have given up now. it was only cause i had the engine out that i was trying to replace it. it seemed silly not too. engine is back in now. oh well!  
14/04/2006 07:50:11   Richard   Its a simlar size to a VW 1600, but you would probably have to modify it. I only know that because we use to fit the Vw in Hillman Imps and noticed the Saab item was a similar size and that also could be used.  
20/04/2006 17:27:32   Al   Elkparts do them for about 18 I think - check out  
23/04/2006 09:02:55   bill rawles   There is one on Ebay at the moment - 4632289481 - or put something appropriate into the search. I'm not the seller, just spotted it. The last one I bought came new from Malbrad, I'll dig out the receipt for their phone number if you are not familiar.  

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