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12/04/2006 16:44:22   Tom   i have a mounting bracket u can have if u want, its not in brilliant condition, but it will work or u could use it for a template. send me an email if u are interested. would only want p and p for it.  
12/04/2006 19:44:07   John Wood ( Woody)   Hi Drew,
In the UK, radios were usually fitted on the Driver's side under the light switches using two L-shaped brackets and a rear bracket from the centre hole at the back of radio chassis upto the steering column support frame behind the dash. I shall try to get photos of my old Motorola and send them to you.  
13/04/2006 00:14:32   Drew Bedelph   Great!

John, any photos would be greatly appreciated! I thought that it would probably mount with brackets similar to those you say, with a support bracket at the rear also. Hopefully they're something I can manufacture myself. After all, the 95/96 dash is only held in with rudimentary brackets anyway, so it's not hard to make something like this appear 'original'.

Tom, your offer is much appreciated. I'll take a look at John's pics first, and if there's no chance that I can make something myself, I'll let you know! I'm sure we could come to some sort of arrangement! ;o)


13/04/2006 15:29:26   Andrew   Let me know how you get on as I still have to do the same with my 1972 PYE 'wireless'. I got as far as trailing speaker wire everywhere then ground to a halt  
13/04/2006 19:22:16   Tom   the bracket i have is not l shaped, its an bay for the radio to fit into that bolts under the dash underneath the light switches. if anyone wants it let me know. was gonna throw it away!!  
14/04/2006 02:21:09   Drew Bedelph   G'day Tom,

Cosider it 'sold'! Send me a PM and we'll take it from there!

14/04/2006 15:55:36   John Wood ( "Woody")   Hi Drew,
Sorry for the delay, as I could not remember where I had put the radio.
Pics on the way to you and Alec of radio and brackets and how it matches up in the car. Only need to drill one hole in the dash board. The brackets are made out of 1.5mm shelving iron and the extra hole needs to be 21cm from the hole used to secure the plastic dash side support. The brackets are used splayed out wards and the rear support is secured at the hole which has the wing nut. I don’t think I fitted the Motorola in my ’72 V4 as it already had a FM radio and the Motorola crackled terribly. The Motorola was in the original rally car, all grey dash and the dealer had installed a roof aerial with the cable routed down the driver’s screen pillar and a slot cut in the tube to allow the cable to be plugged into the radio. The side panel behind the plastic bin was not modified. An In-line fuse was used and feed taken from fuse board that was live so radio could be used with ignition off.

The side brackets are 35mm deep at top, 20mm at bottom with taper to front. The rear bracket is about 90mm long with a full 90 degree twist commencing 25mm from top end. Slot is 20mm long. It is 2mm thick and 13mm wide

The speaker was originally placed in the rear parcel shelf, but had to be relocated when I fire-proofed the boot area and placed it centrally in the vertical panel under rear seat.
I am using an FM radio-cassette in the red car but have not resolved the aerial issue yet as I do not want to drill any holes. Thinking of a rear-side window clip-on arrangement or screen strip aerial.


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