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28/04/2003 01:20:45   Paul   Hi all,
With my door locks wearing out i found another set to fit (from a '69 US car, for those interested). Now, having had a go at swapping them this weekend, i've discovered that the design changed between then and 1972 when my car was made. Mine has a flat plate at the back of the lock barrel assembly that goes out sideways at the end to make contact with the locking mechanism. The 'new' ones have quite a snazzy swing arm arrangement, which still goes out sideways to make contact but fails to get there (too short). My guess is i need to find some new lock barrels with the plate at the end or i need to find and fit the internal locking mechanism from an earlier car to my doors. I'm making some assumptions though - i don't know for certain that the lock design changed for cars in the UK for example. Can anyone share any wisdom on this? If it comes to it, how easy is it to change the internal locking mechanism - any tips? Anyone have any of the bits i might need?


28/04/2003 14:00:54   Steve H   The saab sanctury in Kent used to specialise in rebuilding locks. Have you tried them (him)?  
28/04/2003 21:42:43   ian   If it's any help, according to the parts book, the 'snazzy arm' variant was fitted up until part-way through 1971, so there should be plenty of potential donor vehicles around if you opt to change the internal mechanism.  
30/04/2003 00:31:45   Paul   Thanks for the responses guys - one of my other assumptions i've realised is whether the internal mechanism attaches to the door in the same manner for the early 'snazzy arm' version and the later 'plate' version. I don't want to start drilling holes in my doors to fit the earlier internals, so that will decide me to go with getting new locks with plates on the back. Anyone with experience in parting out V4s or someone who owns both an 'early' and a 'late' V4 who can tell me whether the internals attach in the same way?


PS// I did try Saab Sanctury, but it was cheaper for me to get new locks than have mine repaired. Now if i'd known that the 'new' ones i found wouldn't fit my door then perhaps i'd have gone down that route, but hindsight is always 20-20. Anyway, i might revisit it - basically looking for the cheapest solution...  
11/05/2003 02:06:07   Paul   What i've discovered is that the locks in my doors have started to work again (well one does, and the other does on Tuesdays before 10am so long as there was a new moon during the previous weekend)!!
What i also discovered though is that the internal mechanisms are quite different and would require drilling, so my only option would have been to find some later 'plate' type locks - but now i can put that off for a while...  
29/05/2003 10:51:20   dhPaul   Does anyone have a telephone number or email address for the Saab Sanctuary? The number I have doesn't seem to work.  
31/05/2003 01:51:26   Paul   Saab Sanctuary changed their number a few months ago. Try 01732 844403 now.  

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