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15/04/2006 09:18:33   Clive   I have a blocked fuel line somewhere between the tank and fuel pump. Any suggestions for fixing?

15/04/2006 19:52:14   John Wood (   Disconnect the pipe at fuel pump and try using tyre pump with tapered nozzle to see if you can blow back to the tank. Remove petrol cap and have someone listen for bubbles. What makes you think it may be blocked there? If it is blocked that way then the flexible under the rear seat may have a problem.  
15/04/2006 20:26:32   Clive   John,

I have had the petrol tank out to weld a few small patches and after reconnecting tried to start the engine but there is no fuel coming through the petrol filter. I tried forcing air through the fuel line with a cycle pump with the tank end unconnected but there was a lot of resistance and I (possibly incorrectly) assumed a blockage.

This afternoon I did use a small container of petrol below the fuel pump in the engine bay. The pump still would not draw any fuel so perhaps it's the fuel pump that's faulty.

Does the fuel pump need priming as at the moment it seems to be just moving air?

Anyway, I will have a look at it again tomorrow.


15/04/2006 20:53:05   John Wood (   It could be the pump. I had one recently which pumped air when you manually pressed the plunger, but it had a faulty valve inside so what ever fuel was pumped, drained back. Was everything working OK prior to removal of the fuel tank? Double check your tank connection for tightness and that the pipe is secured square. The slightest air bleed will stop fuel from being pumped.  
16/04/2006 19:48:13   Clive   Johm,

I've not yet had the engine running whilst the vehicle has been in my ownership. It's been laid up a long time.

I didn't get round to looking at the fuel pump today but will check it out when I have some spare time.  
17/04/2006 16:15:31   Clive   Well looks like the fuel pump could be the culprit. Removed it, took it apart and found... loads of sludge. Now it's in bits and cleaned, I could do with an overhaul kit. There have been a few on eBay in recent weeks but not now when I want one!

I guess they should still be available from a good motor factors?  
18/04/2006 15:43:28   Clive   Look's as if a fuel pump kit isn't going to be that easy to find. Tried a couple of places today without success.

Does anyone have any suggestions where I might find one?  
22/04/2006 17:24:50   Clive   Just to update on this. I still suspected the fuel line was blocked so disconnected the rubber fuel hose from under rear seat and sent a long length of wire down the metal fuel pipe. Quite a bit of resistance and it came out covered in thick black stuff! Went to the other end and sent the wire down. Same result. Then flushed the pipe with petrol and out came more black stuff. Did this a few times until clean petrol appeared.

Puzzled as to where all this material had come from, I had a closer look at the rubber hose which connects from the tank to the metal fuel pipe and noticed just how soft it had become. The inside looked like it was dissolving so I suspect that was the culprit. Th eshort rubber hose has now been replaced.

That just leaves the fuel pump to sort and the fuel supply should be fixed. Having considered an electric pump I now think I'll get a replacement mechanical one (such as fitted to the Cologne V6 as per Richards suggestion).  

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