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18/04/2006 13:28:34   seev loewy   I have a 1971 saab 96 with 125 hp, do u know if it is possible to add turbo to this engine"?
ford v4  
19/04/2006 16:57:17   Richard   You can turbo most engines, but your compression ratio will be too high. You will need to fit forged v6 pistons if it has pinto items in it and open up the chambers.
To be honest I dont rate turbos unless they are low pressure items. I have driven some stupid turbos that can only put 2/3 of the power they produce onto the road.
You will probably need a limited slip diff and a rebuilt gearbox with new bearings on top of that.  
20/04/2006 11:16:28   Alex   125hp is already quite impressive. What mods does the engine have?  

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