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19/04/2006 08:40:12   Clive   As finding a repair kit for a mechanical fuel pump is proving difficult, I'm considering changing it for an electric one.

Has anyone a suggestion for a suitable electric fuel pump?

Presumably the opening for the mechanical pump will just need blanking off?  
19/04/2006 16:50:12   Richard   Blank off the opening. Try a facet pump and filter king pressure regulator. The std pump can be replaced by a ford pump off a german v6.  
19/04/2006 17:13:57   Woody   I used to use a Mitsuba E.F.pump on my old rally car and it worked very well as it was feeding twin 40 DCOEs. These are still available around 40-50 retail, but no doubt available elsewhere.
19/04/2006 18:42:19   Clive   Thanks for the info. Where do you mount an electric fuel pump? The engine bay seems the obvious place yet I recall reading somewhere that they are best mounted as near to the fuel tank as possible.

Any views?  
19/04/2006 21:14:57   John Wood ("Woody")   I mounted it just forward of the LH turret, and used armoured fuel pipe as available in the 70's. Pic on its way.
20/04/2006 09:45:33   louis   Hi guys! I haven't posted in ages! But I have recently aquired a nice red 96 V4 (1975) with rubber bumpers ;-) I had to replace the fuel pump the other day as it was p***ing all over the place!

I the same line of thought apart from the german v6 pumps what other cars could yield a suitible mecanical fuel pump? Considered for the standard carb setup...

It is great to be back...  

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