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02/05/2003 08:19:05   Alec   Anybody going to the Steam and Spares event on 17th May?

I will be going although I won't be in the V4 (sorry!), flight by viggen is faster!

Weather permitting I will be the one taking pictures of any V4's I see in the car park.

You can get more info here  
06/05/2003 21:37:14   louis   Don't say you drive a GM Vectra platform in disgise?!?!  
07/05/2003 18:30:57   Alec   Yes - I sold my old 900 Carlsson last year, brifly had a 900 Talladega Turbo and then went the whole hog and bought a 9-3 Viggen. The performance is fantastic, I still enjoy driving the V4 more though!  
12/05/2003 21:12:56   louis   I love teasing modern saabs, teeheehee...  
15/05/2003 16:14:08   tom   I'll be there, so if anyone has a spare N/S rear wing (they fancy selling) condition not too important, please bring it along, need one to get my V4 back on the road.

Alec I agree with you my flat mates have a 9-3 convertible, 9-5 aero and a 9-5 auto. driven all of them but nowhere near as much fun as V4!  
20/05/2003 15:56:56   Alec   Does anyone have any pictures of V4's from this event. I forgot to take my camera in my haste to get there! If anyone does, please email them to me so I can put some on the site. Thanks.  

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