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21/04/2006 08:22:50   louis   Hello! Can anyone guide me: I have a nice 70's radio in my "new" 96 V4 but it won't go higher than 105/106 MHz in FM. Is there a way to get it to receive upto 108? My favorite radio station is at 107 MHz :-(

Thanx for your advice ;-)  
29/04/2006 23:09:13   louis   well seems none of you lot use a classic fm radio in your V4 ;-)  
01/05/2006 19:39:55   Derek   106 used to be the max and included the Police etc. When they changed their frequencies the broadcast band went up to 108, in about 1995. I'd guess that the scale on your radio goes to 104 and you can find stations a bit up from that. Makers like Blaupunkt had the same name models with 104 for Europe and 108 for the US where they didn't have the "police band" problem. There were a few Japanese FM radios marketed here in the '70s inc Clarion but I don't know if they went to 108. Probable as it wouldn't have been worthwhile for them to have 2 models. My 96 is "resting" but I have an FM stereo radio in it. I'll have to take the battery round to see how high it goes. Don't think you can change yours so keep your eyes open for another. What is your favourite station? 107.6 Crash-Liverpool? If it's still going!  
02/05/2006 11:19:38   Alex   What you could try is opening the radio and look for any adjustable condensators that you could give a twist. What you win on the topside of the mhz spectrum you lose on the downside and your scales are not acurate anymore but you might be able to get receipt up to 108mhz  
03/05/2006 10:50:56   Alistair   Are you saying that warbling exhaust and whining gearbox aren't music enough for your ears? ;o)  
03/05/2006 18:02:59   Woody   Well I have to say I am old enough to listen to SAGA 106.6fm or Heart radio. Rue the day they shut down Radio Luxembourg.  

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