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22/04/2006 16:41:14   James Martin   Hi..have been a SAAB nut for some time (900 Turbo and 3x900's) Now down to one 900 and my new 96V4 (1968).
I would welcome any comments on the following:-
Clutch slipping...are replacement parts available?
What kind of Spark Plugs should I use?
Thoughts on Electronic Ignition.
Adjustment to Automatic Choke (Solex Carb.) or conversion to manual.
Good source for normal service items ...plugs, brakes, filters etc.

Very happy to join the party...V4 is great fun ...people keep waving at it!!!
22/04/2006 23:23:20   Senor Burrt   Clutch - yes
Plugs - NGK BP6HS? (They are shorter than the later engines which take BP6ES
Electronic Ignition - definitely
Choke - convert to manual (maybe get a Weber carb)  
22/04/2006 23:59:24   James   Gracias Senor  
23/04/2006 09:06:50   bill rawles   Any half decent motor factor should be able to get you the basic service parts. I have a chain near me called Motrax - they are good. Ebay is a good source but not necessarily available when you want bits! Highgate will bend over backwards to help you as well and are able to supply most bits. Enjoy your V4!!  
23/04/2006 14:29:29   James   Cheers Bill....sun is shining up here in Aberdeen..better take the wee beastie out for a spin!!  
24/04/2006 09:12:03   jake   hi james roughly where are you in the world? it always helps if you can meet up with other owners the slipping clutch should be treated as a priority as ignoring it can cause problems with the flywheel the original one on the engine fitted to my car had loads of little heat fractures becase of this problem it is a good days work with the engine out i'm afraid but it is not dificult with an engine hoist and is a good time to have a look round the engine bay right up to the back and cleen it out then wax oil into the corners alway fit the whole clutch kit and it will last for years happy v4ing  
24/04/2006 20:57:45   James   Hi Jake...I am in Bieldside, Aberdeen.
Are you in the Borders? Where? I have spoken to John Wyatt in Roslin. Looks like I have to experience the joys of taking the engine out!!!..nightmare. Have you bought clutch parts from anywhere?
I have seen parts available from "Rolf Jensen"(strange looking pressure plate) and possibly at "Motorsportsweden".....Also modified bits from Highgate.
Thanks for info.  
24/04/2006 22:26:52   john wyatt   Hi James, nice to see you posting on the best forum on the net, from what I can gather the Highgate set up is well worth fitting for the extra cost if it is available, having said that I have never had much bother with standard clutches, if your car can make it down to the Lothians and Jake is up for lending a hand you could get a clutch drive down and we could do it in a day easily

25/04/2006 07:40:40   bill rawles   I've bought a few bits from Rolf Jensen and Motorsportsweden - they both seem reliable to me. I'll be up North in september James, near Cuminestown up in Buchan, I'm looking forward to some much emptier roads away from overcrowded Cheshire where I am now!  
25/04/2006 16:57:35   Richard   XP power in sweden who race 2 strokes could be doing v4 uprated clutches in the future. Take your pick.
I would go for either a std setup or the Highgate setup. I dont know if the XP item is on sale as yet and it might be an all out rally item, you would have to check.  
25/04/2006 22:02:24   James   Thanks guys..I will probably stick with the standard set up if the parts are available.
Thanks for the support John....I will look you up the next time I am in Edinburgh.
I look forward to meeting you in September Bill...send an E-mail and stop off in Aberdeen on your way through to Cuminestown. This is the place to let your V4 fly!!
Thanks Richard..I will try XP Power for price/delivery. Cheers
in Edinburgh next a  

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