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02/05/2003 12:55:39   Neill   Afternoon all, who or what is Dib-Dab I hear you ask ???, well it's another V4, bright yellow I might add !!. I've been conned into restoring it after my partner fell in love with it, called it Dib-Dab becuase it reminded her of a sherbert dib-dab !!*??*!! and then my father palmed it off onto us as it wasn't one of his beloved MG's. So therefore I have a question or two dozen for you!!.I need to access the following, two front wings, lower front valance, rear seatback, heater cable, inner trim (front doors, rear interior), expansion caps for the engine as they have "blown" over winter, knowledge of any special tools I will need, workshop manual if it exists as the Haynes one is a little light although quite good and finally a good ledger so I can note down all the brownie points I'm going to accumulate. I should add it's actually in quite good nick, went through it's MOT with only a new gaitor and NP light bulb needed and only has 43,000 on the clock, the body isn't bad but if the pannels are bolt on/off I'm not going to mess around filling them. Any comments sensible or otherwise will be welcomed. ...I must be off my rocker!. Oh by the way we're based on Oxfordshir/Northamptonshire border.  
02/05/2003 14:19:05   Helena   I'm the partner of Neill, Yes, I conned him/us into restoring Dib-Dab... when we had Dib-Dab MOT'd, Neill started teaching how to drive the car, as the gear stick wasn't in the usual place,
after a few tense moments?****!!, I was allowed on the the main road, however half way up the hill (25%) I tried to change gear and lost my way through the gear change, but to my suprise and further
embarressment, I realised that the Horse & Rider I'd passed at the bottom of hill was now overtaking me at a greater speed, needless to say I've no lived it down yet.........  
05/05/2003 12:21:42   Neill & Helena   Ian

Many thanks for the information, looks like the best option is going to the Steam & Spares later this month, is there any information anywhere on whats a fair price to pay for spares or is it just barter etc. I mention barter because we have some bits ourselfs but at this stage am not aware of their rareity or value, i.e. New front windscreen, new rear windscreen, 4 rear windows (two with surrounds already fitted with locks etc)plus a host of other bits like a new clutch assembly and front head lights.

I spoke to Highgate and your right on the wing costs 100.00 + VAT, dont have much choice with one as it has already been welded almost from the bulkhead to the headlight.

We've done the blanket thing on the back seat already, but I do like the idea of a vinyl strip short of getting a new one, do you know anybody thats had it done or is there anybody on the forum thats had it done?.

Chuffed to bits about the news on the front valance, looks as if the tub of fillers going to get lots of use !!

Got to say that I've never come across oiled hardboard, my experience has mainly been limited to spanners, sockets and hammers, not been involved with the "second fittings" much before, normally it's just been "Hmm, think I need a bigger hammer", I suppose you can't get this specialised hardboard from B&Q etc.

Last question, in the engine bay we have a more serious problem, the nearside support frame ( the drive shaft passes through a large opening at it's base, battery tray is welded to it) has rotted away, in speaking to Highgate they said no chance on getting a new one and just to weld a home made plate top to bottom (16 guage) I'm not dismissing their advice just checking that I'm not imparing the sturctural integrity etc.

Anyway, thanks again for the info, I'll post a pic on the site before and after etc when we get to some serious work  

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