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27/04/2006 12:57:52   jlw   Does anyone know a source of new replacements for the PLASTIC lockstrip that retains the windshield seal on later 95/96 models?

This is different from the shiny aluminum lockstrip used on pre-1972 cars.

The plastic lockstrip isn't available from USA glass installers, but I was hoping it might be available in Europe. Please let me know if you know a source. Thanks...  
02/05/2006 15:22:42   Mel   We have it in stock for front & rear screens, 25.00 per screen + shipping  
03/05/2006 17:20:58   Ian H   You can buy the plastic "chrome" filler strip from Woolies, They are Just bought a length myself to fit at a later date but due to an exploding w/screen I fitted another screen and the shiny chrome to the new screen and the rear window. Woolies also sell a tool to fit the strip, but a blunt screwdriver and some fairy liquid did the trick ! If you need their part no and the length I ordered give me a shout. All the details are at home and the computer is at work ! Ian  

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