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04/05/2006 20:37:23   Chris   I went to look at a V4 96 fitted with a VEGE engine and recon gearbox.This was done by a London V4 garage.Car has a serious clutch judder,and leaks oil from the top.How can this be cured?  
05/05/2006 22:55:59   John Wood ("Woody")   Leaks oil from the top of the engine or gearbox? What type of clutch has it?  
06/05/2006 14:57:55   Chris   Soory it leaks from engine not sure if rocker gasket or head really oily its a diaphram clutch  
09/05/2006 15:13:34   Alistair   Clean the engine and see where the oil starts to leak from. Rocker covers quite a common source - are all the screws tight?

Clutch judder unusual on the diaphragm type - could be worn, or could be iffy freewheel, or could be crank shaft rear oil seal allowing oil onto clutch.

What did the guy at the garage say about it?  
17/05/2006 18:53:13   Chris   I only went to look at car I don't own it the owners will not take car back to the garage they are not listed in SEC but were in the SOC but since the engine is a new unit and the gearbox a recon most causes should be eliminated or is it bad workmanship  
18/05/2006 07:58:58   Richard   VEGE engines are ok if you dont mind something that goes like a wet fart. I dont rate them.
The oil will probably be comming from the rocker cover. The design of the covers are poor, not enough screws and the tin flexes causing leaks. The best thing to do is replace the gasket and clean the metal surfaces with thinners. Use a good quality gasket cement on both sides of the gasket. Dont ring the necks out of the screws, just get equal tension. Leave for a day then re-check the screws.
The clutch can judder, it is a problem. You need to make sure the flywheel surface is true and the spigot bush is good. There is not much you can do to the clutch apart from replace the unit, shim the cover of the flywheel if its not set up ok or just adjust the take up.  
18/05/2006 09:14:55   Alec   One of the causes of clutch judder on V4's is the operating arm... the pivot hole can go oval over time and give slack in the system.  

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