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03/05/2003 01:16:24   John Knight   I had my 2-stroke rebuilt and had it put in by someone else. While on the jacks the car started fine and ran smooth and quiet. But by the time we got the car on the ground, I had no power to speak of and could not get the car home. There was a black fluid oozing from around the bottom of the motor, mostly from the front. It will start, but will foul at least two of the plugs immediately and I can't get enough power to get it moving. I asked the guy if he sealed the bottom of the motor before he put it back together and he said no. Everything inside was rebuilt - crank, pistons etc. as were the carbs, starter, water pump, generator - the works. Obviously I have to take the motot out. Any ideas? The guy that rebuilt the engine won't talk to me. He lives in another state, so I can't take it to him. Forget about him. What should I do. Screwed again in Atlanta.  
06/05/2003 21:40:35   louis   As far as I know the 2-stroke engine has (barring anccillaries) only 7 moving parts. Shouldn't be that difficult to get going properly! Mind you I had a 2-stroke moped which was a devil to get to run properly!!!  
31/05/2003 21:10:08   ian meakin   sounds like a timing or ignition problem...probably only firing on one so all that grotty un burnt stuff leaks out....the sump case should seal without a problem  
04/09/2003 15:50:46   John Hansen   Got to be the sparks.
Be careful though, my wife came home one day with 3 reverse 1 forward gears after a good samaritan had helped her get going after plugs fouled and he had put the leads on in the wrong order!
Once you do get going take it down the freeway for a blast and don't look in your mirrors until the entire exhaust system has been de-gunged.  

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