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07/05/2006 13:02:51   Julian   To pick up on a good point from John Wyatt. I am a member of the saab OC/GB. Lots of stuff for newer models, but find it short on interesting articles for the V4 fraternity. Has anyone considered starting a V4 club and magazine?  
07/05/2006 14:48:43   Senor   There's the SAAB Enthusiasts Club which is dedicated to models no longer in production. They are obviously more focused on older models and do have a magazine.  
09/05/2006 15:17:36   Alistair   I'm all in favour of more V4 stuff in the Driver... Julian if you want to contribute any articles I'll happily publish them ;o)

The Driver is (mostly) written by Club members, for Club members - I try to do my bit but it helps if others contribute!

At the very least if you tell me what you'd like to read, that at least gives me some guidance...  
12/05/2006 07:50:06   Richard   If you spread things too thin then there will be less articles etc. Its the same people that right in with articles. Anyone can add articles or ask questions that could start a debate on a technical issue.  
13/05/2006 10:59:13   Jon   I left the SOC for that reason. Too much modern stuff and articles talking about taking the Granny out for a drive!! The ideal club for is to help preserve a marque's models no longer in production and meet people with the same thinking.  
13/05/2006 12:40:00   John Wood ("Woody")   Have n't we got one here? The Saab V4 Cyber Club. At least there is quite a quick feed back from contributors though you need to put articles to Alec. UKSaab is a good medium, but even there the older vehicle category covers a lot of models.
15/05/2006 08:53:32   Alec   I too have left SOC after nearly 20 years as it just does not offer me any help with my car. a shame but there it is...  
15/05/2006 16:53:33   Richard   To be honest I dont find the articles in the SEC either. You do need some dedicated writers.
Now my dad is a member of the vintage minor register and its amazing what they can dig out for what is one make of car. The guy that runs it is a total minor nut, so has got the interest going.  
15/05/2006 17:51:03   Alistair   To be fair guys, the technical advice & guidance is one aspect of the Club (and an important one, I agree) but for many members their primary interest is in the social aspect of the Club. That's the main reason I've been a member for so long TBH - occasionally I find some useful technical snippets, though mostly I'll pick them up online these days, but there are still plenty of folk out there with a wealth of experience that you don't get to tap into unless you meet them at events. Likewise there are lots of people who contact me for advice who are not on the Web so it's important to maintain a printed medium for publishing info.

For me, being a member of the SOC has always been about having a chance to make good friends who share a common interest (OK, obsession!). That's why I remained a member for many years when I didn't actually own a Saab!

However, I recognise that there is an audience hungry for knowledge about their V4s and I'm more than happy to help in any way I can. To me this is a key aspect of being a Registrar. I do need input from others though to achieve this. Rich has helped me out many times in the past, Woody has recently too. If anyone has something useful they would like to share with other V4 owners, pass it through to me and I will use it...!  
16/05/2006 07:57:14   Richard   Al have you got any further with the V4 owners guide, that sounds a good idea. The Ginetta club did one for the G15 and that was really usefull when I first got the car.  
16/05/2006 09:49:07   john wyatt   I certainly dont mean to be critical because I am sure being part of running the club is a thankless task, I left the club after the local branch folded, it used to be great, we now have regular meets and runs, last year to Sweden, it seems bizarre to me that other clubs are more active even with much more obscure and rare cars, I think there is probably an issue of spreading the club and interest to thin, I doubt the majority of V4 or two stroke owners have any great interest in GMs laterst offerings.

As there is no apparent social aspect to the SOC up in the Edinburgh area that kind of rules that out as any reason to keep on paying membership fees.  
16/05/2006 12:37:05   Richard   Specialist car owners need a more technical club and they are more into their cars (like there is no haynes manual for a G15). I agree how can you get that excited about a brand new car. Its unlikely you are going to do major work on it and I see about 4 9-3 sports thingys every day, there all the same.  
16/05/2006 13:45:36   Steve H   I have to say I not going to renew my SOC memebership this year as they seem to do nothing but try to sell me a Vauxhall or talk about caravaning weekends. I know i'm guilty of not getting involved myself, but having just bought a VW camper van I have found the club support for this with remanufactured parts and technical help amazing and it makes me look on the SOC unfavourably.

Its a shame as I have been a member 18 years, but they dont seem to be a club of owners of my sort of car. But as SAAB has lost its way, so I suppose will the club. The sooner GM pulls the plug on SAAB the better and then the club can concentrate on which of its cars were worthwhile.  
16/05/2006 16:59:53   Richard   VW's are like Ford's. There is such a lot of interest that there are comercial mags out for them. The writers get payed full time or free lance and that makes a difference. Half of them are journo's and dont know what they are talking about, but with some help from specialists they do write good articles.
Now if you would like to pay me £30 000 a year I will produce you the best v4 mag on the planet and rebuild a few cars in the year too!!!!!!!  
17/05/2006 09:12:32   john wyatt   Hear what you are saying Richard but my dad was a member of the Heinkel-Trojan club, relatively small membership for an obscure car but much more going on in terms of magazine, events and even reproducing many parts.  
19/05/2006 19:46:43   Alistair   One of the problems with Saabs is most owners are not prepared to pay for remanufactured parts - getting enough volume to make it worthwhile is hard, plus it's risky for the club if we were to invest. I agree it's something we should consider more, but often times there isn't enough demand...least not demand with enough budget!
19/05/2006 19:49:15   Alistair   SOC does cater for all Saab owners, and we have to realise there are more owners of modern Saabs than old ones. However, I reckon the latest Driver has more than its fair share of V4 fodder in it...... ;o)

BTW: I also drive a Vauxsaab and I love it, am as enthusiastic about that as the V4 and the 900, and I'm not alone in that. I would like to see more focus on modified Saabs than we have had in the past, I might just start the ball rolling some time....  

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