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07/05/2006 18:53:35   Matt   Hello, complete novice here. I've seen one of the above for sale, but I don't know if it represents value for money. The seller is asking for 1600. It's MOT'd and taxed up to March 2007. Can anybody offer me some advice?

07/05/2006 19:16:08   cb   without seeing the car it's difficult to say, but for a good solid example it's a fair price.

Check for rot in the sills, windscreen surround, bulkhead, rear shock area, floorpan. Make sure the gearbox doesn't whine and the freewheel doesn't pop out.  
07/05/2006 19:41:35   Matt   Thanks cb, that's very useful advice.  
09/05/2006 15:19:47   Alistair   Where is it? If you want someone who knows V4s to have a look at it with you, I'm sure we can find a volunteer round here...  
11/05/2006 13:15:29   Peter   Did you have a look at this in the end? A friend of mine was interested in it and I was wondering what condition it was in

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