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08/05/2006 17:26:53   neil   Planning to take Norman, my '73 96 to Le Mans this June. As it will be our first trip of any decent length together, can you suggest some appropriate spares I should stock up on (and perhaps predict what is most likely to go pop!)?

Perhaps I ought to put on some fresh rubber (the current tyres must be 20 years old) - what is the current specification of choice for 96's?

Thanks in anticipation.

N and N  
09/05/2006 11:04:40   Andrew   I still never travel anywhere without a gallon of water for that overheating moment. Despite a recore, new thermostat, etc, Sven still gets very hot if stuck in traffic in warm weather. At least you have the sun roof for extra ventilation should you need to keep the heater on ;-) Have a good trip and let me know how you get on. Must get the Chorlton Wheelies up n running when you get back.  
09/05/2006 13:34:05   Senor   The laws of classic motoring dicatate that the part to fail will always be the one you haven't got.  
09/05/2006 15:27:21   Alistair   For God's sake get rid of those old tyres, they must be perished to hell!!! Get some decent new 155/15s - try shopping around the web for ideas - mytyres, blackcircles etc.

Take a full toolkit. Spares wise - obvious things are points, plugs & leads, coil, bulbs (legal requirement in France of course), rad hoses & the little one behind the water pump and/or rad hose repair tape, thermostat, gun gum, exhaust repair bandage, gaffer tape, instant gasket, WD40, maybe even a water pump, fuel pump, carb. That should allow you to fix or bodge most things, many things you could do without for a while...or would be too terminal to repair roadside anyway. You have decent AA/RAC cover?  
09/05/2006 15:27:57   Alistair   Forgot fanbelt(s)  
09/05/2006 16:24:30   neil   Andrew - got rid of that aerodymic barge board you call a mirror yet??!! ;-)
Senor - yes, but which part will that be??!!
Alistair - agree with everything you say - I don't suppose you could give me specs on the plugs; fan belt and tyres could you?

Thanks, Neil  
10/05/2006 11:37:28   Alistair   Plugs - NGK BP6ES
Tyres - Any decent 155/15 - Firestone F560 is popular, but there are still a few others available from Toyo, Camac, Vredestein and others. Shop around.
Fan belt - check with your local motor factors, they'll list one for it.  
10/05/2006 11:37:58   Alistair   Just a thought, you might also want to carry a spare balance shaft gear...  
10/05/2006 16:18:05   Andrew   Maybe you should just buy a spare car and pop it on a trailer?
10/05/2006 16:21:07   neil   Aynone know of a mint Caroliner blue 96 resident in the Sarthe area of France that I can hire for a week in June... ;-)  
10/05/2006 20:37:56   ian   come on come on where is your sense of adventure...just go and enjoy yourself we did it a few years ago in my 2 stroke and loved it...took hardly any spares and had no problems...even did 85 down mulsane 2 up....scarey...  
11/05/2006 10:19:26   Senor   What he said. Just do it. I took my 95 round France. Belgium and Holland a few years ago and it never missed a beat.  
11/05/2006 11:26:09   neil   Of course I'm doing it (ferries booked after all)... the best part about this preparation lark is the build up of anticipation! If we are going to have a malfuntion, let it be trying to beat 85pmh on the Mulsanne!  
11/05/2006 13:10:50   john wyatt   get eurowide breakdown cover if you do not have it, then you can really cane it in the knowledge you are getting home with your car somehow.  
11/05/2006 19:11:25   ian   better still just get there, have a holiday then ring them to get you home...could work...  
13/06/2006 23:38:02   neil and norman   The eve of the big one - Le Mans or bust tomorrow!  
24/06/2006 22:25:38   neil and norman   We made it! 969 mile round trip. Only faults to report are fuel guage packing up after I nearly ran it dry and the hiccuping/gasping for air when accelerating higher up the rev range. Nearside wing decided to split and flap near the door pillar on the M6 home - couldn't help noticing that this is the widest part of the car (from the front). The lower front wings must act like a wind brake - who said they were designed by aeronautical engineers!! Le Mans is just the best motorsport event - I implore everyone to go at least once! We went to the Saint Saturnin British welcome and up and down the track in the vain hunt of another SAAB - nothing doing - just lots of boys toys and over-hyped exotica! Roll on next year...  
25/06/2006 11:57:52   ian   well done glad u made speed on mulsane not mentioned...i agree all those nutters in boys toys are very strange  
27/06/2006 12:49:56   Andrew   Well done Neil n Norm. Congratulatory pint due?  
27/06/2006 21:33:33   James   Well done guys....had a laugh at the bit about the front wings and aeronautical engineers!
I had to check mine to see what you were talking about. These cunning Swedes seem to have incorporated a little flappy thingy to deal with this!!

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