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10/05/2006 21:28:00   Fearghal   Hi all,

I am the proud new owner of a 1970 Saab 96 v4! And it's my first ever car. However, it doesn't have wing mirrors. I'm having difficulty tracking some down. Does anyone have any spare or know where I can get them?

Thank you
11/05/2006 11:46:09   Andrew   Good choice!
Mirrors are quite difficult to get hold of - just have to keep an eye on the ads here or on UKSaabs. I got a reasonable one on eBay for about 20 quid but they can go for silly prices sometimes.  
14/05/2006 23:24:43   Fearghal   Thanks Andrew!  
17/05/2006 13:23:45   Steve H   Yes, I have considered buying whole cars just for their wing mirrors. I have seen sets go on ebay for over £100.

Mel and Ken can probably sort you out (Highgates)  

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