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11/05/2006 18:40:03   Clive   Two NOS rear wings have just sold on eBay for 160 each. Also two NOS rubber rear wing guards went for nearly 30 each.

Hefty prices... partly due to a particular company chasing NOS items. I guess there's nothing wrong with them doing this but it's certainly driving prices up.
12/05/2006 07:44:36   Richard   Most wings are repairable, so dont chuck them. The ones on my rally car had massive holes in the front, but they welded up ok and a used wing fits better. I have a wing made from two welded down the middle.
If they get anymore expensive I will have to get the wheeling machine out and make some in alloy.  
12/05/2006 13:06:05   Clive   I agree Richard. I have just been patching up one rear and one front wing... they are both now solid and look fairly tidy. One cost me nothing and the other 25 inc postage! They just need spraying up and they will be fine.  
15/05/2006 19:19:14   erik   Smith and Deakin do fibreglass wings (front and rear) for our cars. Price is 85ish ?  
17/05/2006 22:26:00   julian   Just for info' Our local car panel stockist in Beverley sells new front and rear wings for 44 each plus vat.  
18/05/2006 07:48:11   Richard   I bet the 44 are Adrians and they stopped making them about 2 years ago. I would say your stockest has old information.  
25/05/2006 11:10:19   David   The V4 wings are still listed in the Hadrian (!!) catalogue but when you call them, they hav edefinitely stopped making them. Pity. I head that the old dies wore out and it wasn't worth having new ones made (v expensive) for the number of new wings that people buy. Worse for me as I have a 95 - at least I have a collection of repairable spares and a pair of plastic rear wings that will only be used as a last resort.  

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