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06/05/2003 09:49:15   helen  
Bumbled down the motorway over the weekend, 300 mile road trip ! Made it all the way home and my accelerator has come undone. I live on a cobbled street , so i recon, it bounced loose on the home straight.
Im no mechanic , but im beter than most girlies, but this one has got me stumped.
I dont know any of the technical terms, but if i describe it to you, someone might know what part is missing or which way round to reconect it, or have a diagram?

There is a brass rod that travel up to to the engine from the accelerator peddle, there is a plastic ball and socket hinge then another brass rod forming an L shape,ther is a plate through which a steel S shaped pin which turns the accelerater peddle up- down motion to pull open the fuel valve on the engine . this S piece has jumped out, and keeps jumping out no matter how to link it up.i dont know if ive got it assembled right; and i cant see how it sould be held in place as the Shaped pin has no threads or holes through it, that could be used to secure it. I do have a redundant spring hanging near it.
Ive got a not very good version of haynes manual , which doesnt mention this junction.and ive tinkered for a hour , but don't want to admit defeat and take it to a garage as is seems so simple.
any ideas?

Thanks ,
06/05/2003 14:20:38   Steve H   If the problem is at the carberettor then it sounds like you have lost the clips that hold the S piece into the thottle arm. They simple clip over and take up some of the slack and stop the piece coming out. Im sure they would only be pence. Try ringing Ken and Mel at Highgates.  
06/05/2003 14:33:05   Alec   Steve is right,

These clips are not good and get loose and drop off. You often find them sitting somewhere in the manifold (worth a look).
06/05/2003 21:47:19   louis   Spot on! If you want to upgrade you can fit a rod with the knuckles on either en insted. They take away the play and remove the problem of loosing the "*!!?*" clips all the time. (I do/did anyway) all the best Louis.  

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