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19/05/2006 22:42:35   Alec   Sorry I have not uploaded anything new to the site recently, I have a fair bit waiting in the wings. I have not had much time to do any and now I seem to have a problem with my host not letting me upload anymore. Will get it sorted soon.  
20/05/2006 18:02:07   Senor Burrt   Not a problem. It's good just to have the site as it is. It's still the UK's premier V4 resource.  
20/05/2006 19:42:17   Julian   I agree, this is the first and best stop for anyone with an interest in the V4's. Had it not been for the support of this site, I do'nt think I would have attempted to restore mine. Thanks.  
20/05/2006 22:15:24   mark   Yep i agree too, the people on this site have been a major help in my saab restoration and upkeep.thanks Alec for a great site.  
21/05/2006 14:40:15   john wyatt   Correct that to the world's premier V4 resource.  
21/05/2006 17:17:08   John Wood ("Woody")   You could say it is addictive.
I dial in at least three time a day
More,more,more -V4  

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