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21/05/2006 23:36:28   Julian   I vaguely recall a post on this site in the past suggesting that maybe some Ford hubs may also fit the 96. If that is the case, has anybody fitted them? The reason I ask is because I would like to have the option of a more comon 4 stud pattern to accept minnilites or Rostyles etc. Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks.  
22/05/2006 11:38:19   Senor   Someone recently said they could make classic 900 hubs fit and get drums made up with the same stud pattern. I don't know how this is progressing and when they will be available.

Ford Escort hubs can be made to fit. I've seen a car with them on, but I don't know the details.  
22/05/2006 12:19:25   julian   Thanks Senor, I will look into the Ford Escort option.  
22/05/2006 14:00:40   Derek   Do we know which "Mk" of Escort for these hubs? Front and rear from same "Mk"?
Please post ANY info.  
22/05/2006 14:42:26   Senor   Could be Mk IV or V I seem to remember, different ones for front and back. From what I was told a few years ago, rear drums go straight on with a spacer. Front - haven't a clue how to mod them.  
22/05/2006 16:05:21   julian   Just read an article in a recent "Practical Classics" magazine about a reader restoration. He changed out his 96 hubs to accept alloy wheels. But sadly there are no other details though and no contact info'.  
01/06/2006 19:02:54   Rob   im making some 4 bolt conversion hubs up - just get to get through finals!
the rears i think are sorted we've used a machined out rear drum to accept standard wheel bearings

as for the front we've got a front hub machined down - i just need to work out the correct offsets and how to mount the bigger c900 calipers

if your interested and havent let me know yet drop me an email - the more we make the cheaper they will be

its looking like 150 a hub (300 for the front) ive not had chance to cost up the rears

as i say the more people interested reduces the overall cost as a lot of its in the setting up of the machining.

thanks Rob  
01/06/2006 21:02:52   Clive   Talk of converting hubs reminds me of a 96 I recently saw which had spacers fitted. These bolted to the hubs and had studs coming off them. It seemed quite a neat way of converting from bolts to studs. The owner said that several sets of these spacers with studs were manufactured by an engineer in Blackburn a few years ago.  
02/06/2006 09:02:52   john wyatt   There was a place advertising the same type of set up made to order on ebay recently, I think they were about 100 a wheel, similar set ups are available for VW as well, I guess a problem on the 96 could be getting wheels of the right offset to sit under a standard wing  

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