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25/05/2006 14:10:27   cassie   Hi great site, I need to buy some wheels bearings for the passengers side front wheel, can I get it at halfords
25/05/2006 18:33:04   Woody   Not sure, but I would use a recognised bearing factor/supplier. It would be a benefit to have bearing number. Originals were SKF Sweden. Will post bearing number when I get home.  
25/05/2006 19:17:35   John Wood ("Woody")   SKF 233200 SWEDEN
No idea what these cost these days. Last bought some 1976.
Perhaps you could post here how you get on as I am compiling something for the future.  
26/05/2006 08:52:45   Stefan   I sell them at 495 SEK incl VAT, this is a kit with bearing and seals and I send parts all over the world.
/ Stefan, Sweden  
26/05/2006 11:23:15   Senor Burt   Do you sell other SAAB V4 parts Stefan? Do you have a website?  
26/05/2006 11:31:56   Stefan   no website yet but hopefully soon........yes I do sell parts, mainly brake but I have started to stock some other items. I am a vauxhall/bedford maniac from start but I have slipped into Saab due to the British involvment in the brakes department. The vauxhall interest in sweden has dropped significantly over the years and the Saab business seem to be a better deal.....I stock most brake parts from the 92 to the 96 but also some 99 parts.  
26/05/2006 16:07:23   Senor   Why have a Vauxhall when you can have a SAAB that's also a Vauxhall?  
26/05/2006 20:57:07   Stefan   correct indeed but I really do not rate todays vauxhall to be "true" vauxhalls.....The last ones were made in 1978......  
28/05/2006 21:30:53   ian   cassie try LDS in nantgarw...ask for keryl....01443844844  
29/05/2006 20:23:28   douglaski   Oyga Stefan, had a lot of fun once in my 2.3 Magnum, built like a tank, but now harbouring three 95s and barely a good gearbox between them!!  

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