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07/05/2003 13:17:14   Peter Thompson   I have just arranged the hiring of an engine crane for this weekend and have realised I don't actually know how to attach the crane to the engine. Are there special mounting points for hoists, and if so does one need to buy special straps/chains etc?

Alternately can one sling some straps under the engine and haul it up that way?

Any suggestions gratefully received.  
07/05/2003 13:35:40   ian   Hi Peter,

There are special mounts and a lifting attachment that you could use, but there's no real need for them. I usually use a nylon rope (an old tow rope is favourite)or nylon webbing strung between the exhaust port stubs taking care to avoid the exhaust studs and the dipstick. I usually pass the rope from side to side 2 or 3 times to make sure it can't slip and attach the rope to the hook on the hoist above the carb.

I've seen other bods attach the rope to the exhaust studs, but it's not a method for me.

Good luck,
07/05/2003 18:07:10   louis   In my experience it is much easier and safer to remove the engine attached to the 'box because one tends to twistthe input shat and damage the spigot bush! For the anecdote I removed my 1700cc V4 from a Taunus and must have moved the spigot bearing (it is a proper bearing on the Taunus but the end of the input shat is smaller). All this to say it took me over a month to remove the bearing!!! Grease and a tight shaft wouldn't move it so I had to gently grind it out.
The Saab spigot bush is a brass cylinder. It is fragile and should be changed each time engine and 'box are separeted.
All the Best,
12/05/2003 13:26:47   Steve H   Ive done this job many times using the exhast studs and leaving the gearbow in to no ill effect. If the crane is hydralic you get pleanty of control to carefully separate and reinstall the two.
But this now being monday morning... how did it go?  
14/05/2003 11:56:50   Peter Thompson   It didn't!! After reserving the engine crane I remembered I was off on a training course on Sunday so it wasn't practical. It looks like the weekend after next is going to be E-day. I will post a full report (unless I bodge it up).  
21/05/2003 11:28:27   Alistair Philpott   I've done dozens using a sturdy chain looped over the exhaust studs, engine only and engine & box together.

If you're only whipping the engine out then when it comes to putting it back it pays to slip a jack under the box to raise it a few inches while you engage the input shaft. Just don't go too far that you damage the rear gearbox mount.

Good luck.  

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