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30/05/2006 14:26:32   Adam   Hi, I have an oddity with my 96. The general illumination for the speedo and fuel/temp guages is not working. It used to work intermittently then stopped alltogether. I have replaced a few of the bulbs but with no success. The Battery /Oil warning lights work fine as do the fuel, indictor and high beam lights.. I just can't see how fast im going at night!! I have wiggled the bulb holders a bit to see if the contact on the PCB is bad.. Only problem I can think of is a general earth has become disconnected or perhapse the headlamp switch contact for the dash-lights is please ;-?  
30/05/2006 17:31:56   Alistair   Most likely to be a duff rheostat. Simplest solution is to bypass the rheostat altogether by connecting the two wires going into it...  
30/05/2006 20:21:01   erik   Been there, done that (Al's suggestion).  
30/05/2006 23:23:37   Senor Burrt   It's the thing in the middle of the dash BTW that's supposed to control the brightness of the instrument illumination. I remember reading the speedo with a fag lighter on a dark M55 when mine conked out.  
31/05/2006 12:53:03   Andrew   SO that's what the spare thing on my dash was sposed to do!  
31/05/2006 15:08:18   adam   Thanks guys... I seem to be cursed at the moment. half the light on the dash board of my Zafira blew recently too... hang on... owning a zafira is curse enough!!!

Ill try the rheostat bypass as suggested. Cheers, Adam  

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