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09/06/2006 12:03:33   Rik (netherlands)   ik ben ook benieuwd
als het lukt hoor ik graag meer  
09/06/2006 12:48:38   Marcel van der Horst   Hoi Rik,

Het is ook mogelijk om dit project te volgen in het saabforum (
It`s also possible to follow this project in the Dutch forum. (
05/07/2006 14:22:53   Kooda   Ive been thinking exactly the same thing.
I did a rather complex spreadsheet comparing all the gear & final drive ratios of the Alfa box's.
Due to the wheel sive of the Saab 96 you end up with a much taller 1st gear (min 20%-ish).
If you like I can email you the spreadsheet.  

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