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08/06/2006 15:15:11   Rik (netherlands)   what's an easy way to get some more BHP from my V4 1500?
my engine is original now.  
08/06/2006 16:09:38   Senor   There's no really easy (or cheap) way to increase BHP a lot..

Starting point is a sports exhaust, Weber single choke carb and a K & N filter or similar. 10-15 BHP perhaps.

Then you go on to twin-choke Weber with correct manifold. Maybe another 5 BHP is you're lucky.

Then you start getting to serious spending. Ported heads, big valves, uprated valve springs, engine balancing, uprated clutch, high lift cam etc.

To increase the engine capacity you will need a different crank + conrods + pistons to give you 1700cc plus.

If you really want to spend, you can get twin-port heads and a manifold to fit twin 40 Webers.

Check out some of the cars in the gallery and tuning sections.  
13/06/2006 13:31:03   Mat   I was think about getting my 1500 v4 bored out make it 1700. Could you give me an idea of how much this would cost. I'm in manchester so if anyone knows anybody in that area that could do the work that would be great.  
13/06/2006 15:27:39   Senor   You don't bore it out. You get a longer throw crank + pistons + conrods (see my original reply). The 1700 cranks aren't too easy to get (except in Europe and USA) 200 maybe for the crank?  

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