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12/05/2003 13:52:46   Joe DePumpo   I would like to be in touch with a someone knowledgable on methods to increase the engine output and mods to chassis suitable for a vintage hill-climber.  
12/05/2003 13:55:35   Joe DePumpo   I think the v4 powered 96 model should work fine for hill climbs. I previously used the 2 stroke station wagons  
06/06/2003 23:10:23   David N Lowe   There's a cracking V4 engine for sale on ebay (no bids yet) - it's been breathed on by a Swedish specialist and is said to chuck out about 150bhp. Currently asking around 1500 (too much for me!)  
09/06/2003 12:57:54   bob   All the bits are from Melv  

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