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14/06/2006 16:11:52   Alistair   Hoping to blag a bargain 34ICH on eBay but it's jetted for a 1600 OHC Ford so probably way out for a standard V4.

Anyone advise on the correct jets to use?

14/06/2006 16:41:17   Tom   i wouldn't of thought they would be that different, if u win it its prob best to see how it runs with it on the car, though obviously if someone says what the jets are u can change them anyway  
17/06/2006 11:09:19   chrisP   Hi
As Tom said give it a try if you get it  
20/06/2006 08:24:13   jake   the ich on my 96 was for a cortina and it runs fine the only problem is fitting the air filter no locating bridge for the screw so it has to be a hose clip round the k&n filter it has never worked well jake  

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