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15/06/2006 00:12:36   James   I am about to replace the clutch on my 1968(round headlamps, 1500cc)V4.
I will probably use the kit from Skandix.
I wish to make an alignment tool before removing the original clutch. Can anyone advise me of the diameter for the alignment tool please. Thanks.  
16/06/2006 12:24:27   Senor Burt   If you have a spare gearbox, you can use the output shaft as an alignment tool.  
17/06/2006 11:05:14   chrisP   Hi James
Sorry can't put my hand on the one I made years ago but I will fish it out and come back to you ASAP. it's very easy to make one up  
17/06/2006 11:36:08   chrisP   Hi James
Found it, 19mm diameter bar about 4" long turned down to 15mm diameter for 20mm mine is steel but I think alloy would be OK or may be wood as all it needs to is centre the plate as you do the bolts up. good luck  
17/06/2006 11:51:28   Chris   The SEC hire out tools for members have you tried them Contact the Chairman I think he is the holder  
17/06/2006 23:20:52   James   Once again you guys have come up with the goods...thanks for the responses.No excuses now!!  
18/06/2006 20:12:30   Al   I've always used a long screwdriver to align clutches, something chunky over 12" long should do.  
19/06/2006 11:46:18   john wyatt   a broom handle can be modded for the job that said unless your eyes are a bit wonky you should be able to line it up by sight without any problems  
24/06/2006 09:25:48   Ian   I usually align it up by feel. Fit the pressure plate so it just nips the friction plate. Feel the edge of the friction plate in relation to the pressure plate disc in three places and move so they all feel the same! This has always worked in over 50 yrs of clutch fitting.  
24/06/2006 20:55:08   James   Thanks Ian

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