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17/06/2006 12:45:30   Drew B   Folks,

Just discovered an eBay auction in the US for 46 NOS Ford Capri/Saab V4 mechanical fuel pumps, priced at $10US a piece! The eBay item number for the auction is 8041368453.

Happy buying!

17/06/2006 13:04:36   Drew B   By the way, anyone have a spare fuel pump push rod for the V4?

17/06/2006 17:49:52   Senor Burrt   Loads probably. Email me.  
20/06/2006 08:35:02   Alec   Remeber, there are 2 different lengths of pushroad dependant on the year of your car  
22/06/2006 10:49:02   Kooda   Ive got one from a 74. I removed it to fit an electronic pump, so it works ok.
Pop me an email if you are interested. Perhaps swap for some other part.
22/06/2006 13:00:57   Drew B   Alec, what year did they change, and by how much are they different in length?

I presume that my 73 95 would be the same as my 77 Souvenir?

22/06/2006 20:44:23   Derek   The Saab w/s manual has the early type on a page dated Oct 1969. The later one on a page dated Dec 1972. Early ones could be completely dismantled but the later ones can only have the filter cleaned. The early rod appears to have a circlip and a pin at either end but the later one is plain. Hope this helps you Drew.  
23/06/2006 09:37:50   Jon   Why don't you use an electric fuel pump?  
23/06/2006 13:13:16   Drew B   Jon,

My 95 currently has an electric pump fitted. Not only did the car's previous owner wire it like s**t, the installation detracts from the car's originality. To be honest, I've found the elctric unit far more troublesome than any mechanical pump - and at least the mechanical pump can't burn out a wire, blow a fuse or over-pressurise the carby! I've always found the old mechanical pumps pretty reliable and easy to fix, just like most other components on the old V4's.  
23/06/2006 19:46:30   John Wood (Woody)   Push Rod No 8810855 was used with both mechanical fuel pumps on the V4. The first pump a Pierburg PE 15 127 up to 1972 could be stripped down more, and the overhaul kit has a lot more parts. The second pump 8860314 was introduced as it was more efficient and cable of feeding twin choke carbs and the double carburettor sets the competitions dept. were using on the rally cars. It is very possible that their initial stock of pumps were being used up and the later pump best served their requirements and was procured in quantity.
There were longer push rods but these were usually 5mm longer and were used with a bakolite/fabric gasket of 5mm thickness to help isolate the fuel pump from the heat of the competition engines.  
23/06/2006 22:53:23   John Wood (Woody)   These pushrods were specially modified standard ones. A piece was welded on one end and the modified end used against the pump.  

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