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13/05/2003 09:19:55   Oscar   The cooler fan bearing of my 95V4 needs replacement. I get the part from Old car parts and shop (germany), but have no ideas how to do the job. Is it necessery to remove the engine front cover? Are special tools required. Can anybody help?  
13/05/2003 18:47:37   Alec   Yes, you need to remove the front cover.

The correct way to do this is to remove the engine and then remove the sump first as you will break this gasket removing the front cover. It can be done in situ without removing the sump if you remove the screws and are careful, although you will probably end up with leaks from it.

19/05/2003 15:57:27   Oscar   Alec
Thank you. Fan bearing replacement seems to be a major job ( to hard for me) . Could the belt driven fan be supressed and replaced by an electical one? I do not see to much room for doing this but I've read about v4 drivers that aparently had the belt fan replaced by electic fan. Could you comment?
PS sorry for my English
19/05/2003 18:32:44   Alec   Yes, this is possible, I have seen many cars with Kenlow fans fitted. You may still be ablt to buys these or something similar.  
19/05/2003 19:39:42   louis   Yes and it releases extra HP as the fan demands some energy to go round all the time. It is also better in cold weather as it allows the engine to warm up quicker than if the fan is blowing all the time from cold. I shall be (soon?) installing an electric fan to my V4. I have seen 'PACET' fans that fix with little rods through the radiator core and they can be bought as blowing in both directions to mount either in front or behind the radiator... You can get them from Demon tweeks in the UK, not sure about prices.
Hope this will help,
All the best
20/05/2003 09:59:50   tom   Alec,
Would it be possible to have an 'article' on fitting an electical fan?  
20/05/2003 14:01:24   ian   Chip Lamb (West of Sweden)in the States had a web page detailing a similar modification. From memory his mod was an all-Saab one using a rad and electric fan from a 900.

The Kenlowe installation is a bit untidy in that a temperature sensor for the thermo switch is tucked into the radiator top hose.

I've got a 96 with an electric fan fitted, if I can find time I'll photograph the installation and post it in the gallery.  
20/05/2003 15:55:38   Alec   If anyone can supply pictures and would like to write a brief article I would be more than happy to post it up on the website. (Hint, hint Ian!!)  
22/05/2003 08:31:30   Steve B   I fitted an electric fan to one of my V4's because it used to run too hot in heavy traffic. The fan was given to me by a friend and was from a ford escort (MK3). This fitted in front of the radiator quite nicely without modification to the timing cover. I had to tilt the radiator backwards at the top slightly by adding spacers. I also chose to operate the fan by a manual switch to avoid the need for temperature sensors etc... A bit crude but it worked well and never ran hot again.  
06/06/2003 08:21:42   Alec   OK, Ian Frank has kindly sent some pictures of his Kenlowe installation. You can find them in the articles section of the website.

Thanks Ian.  
10/07/2003 05:49:37   djamil   i want to change alternator on my saab 900 turbo 2.0 1997,but i have no idea how, please give me advise  
20/07/2003 17:21:39   Senor Burt   If you do bypass the fan pulley with a smaller belt, it is imperitive not to have the belt too tight. This causes excess pull on the balance shaft bearing, leading to their failure and destruction of the balance shaft fibre gear. Not fatal, but a real pain as the engine needs to come out to replace them.  

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